For 99 years, First Wesleyan has stood faithfully in our community, proclaiming the wonderful message of Christ, serving in our community, and simply trying to love others, but don't let our age fool you — we're not some old dusty church living in the past! We celebrate God's faithfulness to our church, but throughout the years we have maintained our mission and our Biblical purity through constantly changing times, while making adjustments to be culturally relevant. Choosing a church is a "big deal", and you literally have a couple hundred options to choose from in our area, so why should you consider First Wesleyan as a church to visit?

  • You will be accepted. We don't get hung up on who you are or what you wear.
  • We seek Biblical Purity. We don't water down, and we don't pump up. We simply teach and preach the Bible.
  • Genuine worship. We seek to exalt Christ only, not "entertain people."
  • Discipleship options. We offer Sunday School, small groups, seminars, women and men groups.
  • Community service. We want to reach our neighbors, and serve others.

We make no claims to being a "perfect church" – or even "near perfect." We don't have a lot of "bells and whistles." We're simply a group of people seeking together how to discover Christ and live life as passionate, devoted followers of Christ, so we invite you to come and check us out this Sunday!



Every Sunday @ 11am

A New Year. A New Chance. 2017

Come & Sieze The Opportunity!

Worship Times

  • Sunday Morning Discipleship: 10:00 AM
  • Worship Service: 11:00 AM

Reasons (Why People Don't Go to Church)

BE the Church.


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